2018 Crime Stoppers Awards Nomination

Make your reservations. Mark your calendar and plan on attending the 2018 Crime Stoppers Awards Breakfast. For reservations and additional information please contact: Gene Bishop at: 513-225-5334 or genebishop@fuse.net. You are invited to nominate those you feel have made a difference. <Read More>

Sergeant Carl F. Hille| Cincinnati Police Division

Sergeant Carl F. HilleOn Saturday, July 15, 1942, with only one off day every week, Sergeant Hille was looking forward to his two-week vacation starting on the 17th. He and Sergeant Willard Ortman were assigned to split the desk duty and a flip of a coin decided that Sergeant Hille would supervise the district from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m… More

Free Parking Fo r Museum Patrons

Free and convenient parking is now available for patrons of the Police Museum.  Signs have been erected designating all space between 306 and 318 Reading Road as Police Museum Parking.  Read More . . .

Reflections On a Day At the Museum

14917182_10154653429933454_89472053582487353_o FOX19 NOW Morning News Digital Producer Jennifer Baker and her children visited the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum on Nov. 5. She posted this recollection of the experience on her personal Facebook page.   <Read Full Article>