Help Wanted



The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

“Preserving the History of Law Enforcement in the Greater Cincinnati Area”




You probably would not be surprised at the fun a bunch of law enforcement employees have in every endeavor. You might be surprised at the number of opportunities we have for you to partake in that fun. The Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society is always looking for volunteers. We need help – lots of help – and working the Desk and as Docents at the Museum are just two of them. We need a whole array of talent to keep the Museum and Society functioning at a high rate. These opportunities will increase as we move and expand our Museum. Here are some of them:


  • EDUCATORS and CURRICULUM DEVELOPERS – We will be developing curriculum, hands-on activities, and other educational opportunities designed to engage children and interest teens in law enforcement and forensic careers. In other words, we need experienced teachers and curriculum coordinators.
  • GRANT WRITERS – We will embark on numerous programs and projects for children, drug-prevention, education, self-defense, crime prevention, and other activities for which there are often available grant opportunities. We can provide the ideas, but need people to write the applications and/or manage the ongoing assessments.
  • MUSEUM VOLUNTEERS – We may double the hours we are currently open. At our new location, tours will be scheduled in advance or start at specific times during the day. There will be a script and training. You don’t have to be a cop to describe our displays and there is always a cop around when you need one – at least a retired cop.
  • ORAL HISTORIANS – What current or retired cop is not an expert interviewer?  We need people to interview those who came before us and document the details of policing in another era. This usually involves little time, a recorder, and if you are up to it, leisurely typing.
  • EVENT and PROJECT MANAGERS – We have long-term projects, fallen officers’ grave site location, renovation, and maintenance, and annual events, such as a motorcycle run, “Fundraisers” at area locations, and a 5K Walk. We need experienced managers to coordinate each of these without taking on other Museum commitments.
  • RESEARCHERS – We need people willing to scour the Internet, libraries, and our in-house resources to solve mysteries of the past and answer customers’ inquiries. It is easy work for a sharp mind, but it takes time – very much like a cop investigating a case. Cops and retired cops are good at it and, as we have found, so are many others including a couple great-grandmothers.
  • TRADESMEN and AMATEURS – We will be constructing temporary walls, displays, offices, etc. and will need carpenters, plumbers, electricians, drywallers, woodworkers, metal workers, painters, etc. Master craftsmen and weekend warriors are welcome. Bring your own hammers, metal rules, and jigs.


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