Oral History Project



The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

“Preserving the History of Law Enforcement in the Greater Cincinnati Area”



Are you retired? Then you probably have history that we want!  Did you work in District 7? Only one current Cincinnati Police employee did and she is now the Executive Assistant Chief’s Secretary.  Did you work in the North Bend Police Department? It no longer exists and we cannot find any records for it.  The Workhouse? Knocked down decades ago. Central Station? Closed decades ago.  Did you work when there wasn’t enough money for screens int he cars, ballistic vests, or a target range, while fellow officers were falling around you?

If you served as a private or public law enforcement officer in Boone, Butler, Campbell, Clermont, Dearborn, Hamilton, Kenton, or Warren Counties, from the 1930s to the 1990s, we want your oral history.

Please contact retired Cincinnati Police Sergeants Kenneth L. Wells or William T. Beuke at OralHistory@police-museum.org