Cincinnati Gives!


The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

“Preserving the History of Law Enforcement in the Greater Cincinnati Area”


The Giving Season is upon us!

We’re soon to celebrate our 20th anniversary as the nation’s only regional museum dedicated to honoring law enforcement and sharing the story of community policing which has roots here in Cincinnati dating back to 1819!

As an all-volunteer museum located at 308 Reading Road, a few blocks north of Hamilton County Courthouse, we are funded by your charitable gifts and grants to honor the men and women who have given their lives in service to serve and protect.

As importantly, your gifts help to acquire and preserve uniforms, weapons, devices, photographs, and stories dating from the 1800s to 1990s.

On this year’s Museum Wish list, gifts from you and others, is the potential acquisition of a Firearms Training Simulator (FATS) demonstration exhibit.

This unique tool will allow our visitors to experience the pressure of making a split second decisions about use of deadly force. Visitors will take away a better understanding of what causes an officer to use a firearm.

We ask that you consider a gift to the Police Museum this Giving Season by clicking the link to our page on Cincinnati Magazine’s “Cincinnati GIVES Challenge.”

The Cincinnati GIVES sponsors – #P&G, #CincinnatiMagazine, and #JeffRubyCulinary – provide weekly challenges to the participating charities for the dollars raised from generous donors.

Last year, gifts made to the Museum on the GIVES page allowed us to receive bonus gifts from the sponsors not once, but twice! With your gifts this year, you will be leveraging more dollars for the Museum.

In advance, thanks for your support this year! Again, please visit our Cincinnati GIVES page.