Honoring Our Military


The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

“Preserving the History of Law Enforcement in the Greater Cincinnati Area”





The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum wishes to pay tribute to those who are serving in the active duty Military, and those who have paid the ultimate price, while also a member of Law Enforcement.  For those who  are currently serving,and for those who have served,  we say “thank you for your service”.

The Gold Star is assigned to a member of law enforcement  who has been killed in action (KIA) while serving in the active duty military.  A Blue Star is assigned to a member of law enforcement who is currently serving in the active duty military.


2000px-Gold_Star_Service_Banner.svg Motor Patrolman Earle H. Biddle, Jr. Pharmacist’s Mate 2/C Naval Reserves Activated December 5, 1942  WWII II KIA May 14, 1945 Okinawa,
2000px-Gold_Star_Service_Banner.svg Police Officer Anthony C. Campbell, Jr. Technical Sergeant, U. S. Air Force Res. Activated July 6, 2009 War on Terror KIA December 15, 2009
39032e25dcee681b8fa083affdddba8a Cincinnati Police Officer Alan Lester  Major, United States Army Activated June 12, 2017 War on Terror
39032e25dcee681b8fa083affdddba8a Cincinnati Police Officer Travis Brown Master Sergeant, United States Air Force Activated April 12016 War on Terror
39032e25dcee681b8fa083affdddba8a Cincinnati Police Sergeant Carl Shircliff Activated April 12, 2018 War on Terror/deployed to Guantanamo



If you are currently serving on active duty in the Military while a member of any Greater Cincinnati law enforcement agency, or know of anyone who is, please send this information to the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum at memorial@police-museum.org.


Veterans Care Guide

The Veteran Care Guide  is designed to help veterans and/or their surviving spouses determine their eligibility, explain how to apply for benefits and cover the various veteran care options.



LEO Honor Flight

On October 24th, 2017 Tri-State Honor Flight provided the Nations’s first Honor Flight that recognized U.S. Veterans who were honorably discharged from the United States Military and also served a full career as law enforcement officers.