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we are the only regional police museum in the country. We represent all Federal, State, Local, and private law enforcement agencies in the eight-county area called Greater Cincinnati.

As the settlers landed at what is now Broadway they realized they would not be getting any help anyone on the East Coast, because the Allegany Mountains were in the way, (there were no roads). The solution was to cooperate with everyone in the area. This worked so well that the region of Northern Kentucky, Eastern Indiana, and Southwest Ohio became known as Greater Cincinnati, and when Cincinnati developed their moto it expressed this attitude; Junta Juvant (Those joined together support each other).

In 1930 a company from New York came to Cincinnati to see what this was all about. They conducted a study and their recommendation was to have a regional government. The only problem is we are dealing with three states, so a regional government was out of the question. However this cooperation continues today making Greater Cincinnati the safest area of the country to live in.