Timothy R. Weber


  • Cincinnati Police Sergeant Badge S-10
  • Greater Cincinnati Police Museum Docent


Tim was born August 5, 1951, in Hamilton. On December 4, 1971, Tim joined the United States Air Force Reserves. He was on active duty as a Security Specialist until April 2, 1972. He served as a Reservist until 1977 and then returned in 1985.

Tim joined the Cincinnati Police Division on October 29, 1972, as a Police Recruit. He was promoted to Patrolman on February 28, 1973, issued Badge 777, and assigned to District 3 (3201 Warsaw Avenue). He was rotated to District 4 (7017 Vine Street) during May 1974. During September 1975, Officer Weber transferred back to District 3.

He was promoted to Sergeant on July 27, 1986, and assigned to District 4 (by then at 4150 Reading Road). Sergeant Weber was rotated back to District 3 during October 1987. He also served in District 2 (3295 Erie Avenue) and District 1 (310 Ezzard Charles Drive).

Sergeant Weber was activated by the Air Force on October 19, 2001, due to the invasion of Afghanistan in response to the September 11, 2001, attacks. At the end of this tour, Master Sergeant Weber was honorably discharged.

He returned to the Police Division on September 30, 2002. His relief commander described him as a “dedicated and capable employee” who “exhibits leadership” and serves as a “mentor to the newer shift supervisors.”  Sergeant Weber retired July 2, 2004, with 33 years of service to his country and community and 30 letters of appreciation and/or commendation; including from Cincinnati Public School Security Chief Robert Morgan, Assistant Fire Chief John Neal, two Patrol Bureau commanders, Judge Steven Martin, Police Chief Michael Snowden, and FBI Special Agent in Charge Thomas Kitchens.

When the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum opened in 2006, Sergeant Weber, while working as a fulltime security officer, found time to volunteer one day a week at the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum, including providing labor when the Museum moved to its current location in 2015. There too, he was dedicated and a valuable asset in giving informative tours to amazed customers until he died on April 7, 2020.


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