Kenneth Clark Hergert


  • Cincinnati Police Specialist Badge PS-163
  • Greater Cincinnati Police Museum Docent


Ken was born July 21, 1937 in Cincinnati. He joined the United States Air Force on October 3, 1955. After three months of basic training, Airman 3rd Class Hergert was assigned to petroleum supply. He was stateside for 33 months and promoted to Airman 2nd Class. He was promoted again and served twelve months overseas. Airman 1st Class Hergert was honorably discharged on October 2, 1959 with a Good Conduct Medal. He then enlisted in the United States Air Force Reserves.

Ken joined the Cincinnati Police Division on May 29, 1960 as a Police Recruit. He was promoted to Patrolman on September 11, 1960, issued Badge 288, and assigned to District 3 (3201 Warsaw Avenue). On January 21, 1962, Patrolman Hergert was rotated to District 1 (310 Lincoln Park Drive). He was promoted to Police Specialist on April 16, 1968, issued Badge PS-163, and assigned to the Tactical Unit. Two years later, Specialist Hergert transferred back to District 1. Two months later, he transferred to the Tactical Patrol Section as a Canine Handler. During September 1972, his canine partner, Baron, took first place in Obedience in a national competition sponsored by the U.S. K-9 Association. On January 8, 1973, Specialist Hergert and Baron transferred to District 4 (7017 Vine Street). Five years later, after retiring his dog, he transferred to District 2 (3295 Erie Avenue). The next year 1980, he transferred to the Intelligence Section. He returned to District 2 in 1981 and served as the district’s investigative unit collator. Specialist Hergert retired February 4, 1989 with 35 years of service to his country and community and 24 letters of appreciation and/or commendation; five from the police chief’s office, and one each from Congressman Clancy, Cleves Police Chief Reninger, Sheriff Paul Fricker, and City Manager William Donaldson.

During 2006, when the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum opened, three officers, Hergert, Jerry Cantwell, and Charlie Greenert, were among the first volunteers. They worked every Thursday morning and were affectionately known as the Three Stooges. Specialist Hergert is responsible for the history of Cincinnati’s modern police canine program at the Museum.

Early in 2022, Specialist Hergert’s health prevented him from coming in on some Thursdays, then later he was unable to attend at all. He died at 5:50 p.m. on Monday, January 9, 2023 at Age 85.


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