Police Officer Kevin Curtis Crayon | Cincinnati Police Division

BCrayon PAGEadge: P347
Age: 40
Served: 4 years 2 months
July 7, 1996 to September 1, 2000


On September 1, 2000, about 12:43 a.m., Police Officer Kevin Crayon found a 12 year old Courtney Mathis sitting in the driver’s seat of a 1996 Ford Taurus in the United Dairy Farmers parking lot at 5564 Colerain Avenue. As Officer Crayon approached Mathis to inquire as to his age, Anthony Bell and his car, with his family inside, parked to the right of and behind the Taurus. Officer Crayon mentioned to Mr. Bell that Mathis looked too young to drive and Mathis revved the engine and put the Taurus in reverse.

The Bells had exited their car and inadvertently walked toward the path of the Taurus. Officer Crayon yelled, “Hold up! Hold up! There are kids behind the car!”

Officer Crayon ran to and reached into the car to turn the key. Mathis accelerated through the lot, missing the children, but dragging Officer Crayon. Mathis drove the car onto Colerain Avenue, driving south at a high rate of speed and zigzagging back and forth.

Officer Crayon freed his right hand, drew his sidearm, and fired one shot striking Mathis in the left chest. Mathis stopped doing whatever he had been doing to hold Officer Crayon

Police Officer Kevin Curtis Crayon's badge
Police Officer Kevin Curtis Crayon’s badge

. Officer Crayon fell to the roadway, slid across the pavement, and struck a stationary 1995 Cadillac at Colerain Avenue and North Bend Road. The impact killed him instantly.

Mathis continued on Colerain, striking a Chevrolet Cavalier, and then onto his residence at 5426 Bahama Terrace. He entered his residence and announced to his mother that he was shot by the Police. she called 9-1-1 and the Cincinnati Fire Division transported him to Children’s Hospital where he died a few hours later.

Officer Crayon, a United States Army veteran, was survived by his mother, Barbara Crayon Allbright; three children, Kevin Curtis Crayon II, Christopher Keith Crayon, and Brittany Denise Crayon; and four siblings, Vincent Toran, Shawn Anthony Crayon, Keith Andre Albright, and Vicki Denise Travis. Reverend Jim Vickers, Jr. officiated over funeral services at the Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church in Woodlawn, Ohio. From there hundreds of regional police officers escorted Officer Crayon to his final resting place in Oak Hill Cemetery in Glendale. His pallbearers included Police Officers Kevin Brown, Brian Norris, Joe Grady, Joehonny Reese, William Keuper, and Robert Posey.

The Police Division retired Badge No. P347, the 20th badge number to be retired for a line of duty death.

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This narrative was researched and revised on August 28, 2010 by Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Stephen R. Kramer, President of the Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society. All rights are reserved to him and the Society.