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Sergeant Albert F. Weller

Badge: S25
Age: 51
Served: 30 years
June 14, 1937 to August 6, 1967


On August 6, 1967, the race riots of 1967 fresh in everyone’s mind, police were dispatched to a disorderly crowd on the Jubilee Riverboat at the Public Landing. Soon, all officers assigned to District Two (314 Broadway), including Sergeant Weller, were engaged in repelling a small riot by those attending the out-of-control party.

Then, an assistance run for “officer down” was broadcast and cars from all over the city responded. Patrolman Charles Horstman, running a District 7 Scout Car, Call Number 715, arrived and found Sergeant Weller lying on the boat, unconscious and unresponsive. With the riot still in progress, Horstman and two other officers carried Sergeant Weller off the boat to an awaiting Fire Department ambulance (Call Number 187 or 188) and they rushed him to the hospital. It was later determined that Sergeant Weller had died from a massive coronary.

Sgt. Welerl's Badge
Sgt. Weller’s Badge

Sergeant Weller was survived by his wife, Virginia Weller, and sister, Cincinnati Policewoman Ruth Weller. Policewoman Weller was one of the first four policewomen on the Cincinnati Police Division.

Sergeant Michael Cureton voluntarily surrendered Sergeant Weller’s Badge Number S25 during 1995 and the Cincinnati Police Division retired the badge and badge number.

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This narrative was revised August 16, 2011 by Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Stephen R. Kramer (Retired), Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society President. All rights are reserved to him and the Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society.