Patrolman John A. Franken| Cincinnati Police Department


Patrolman John A. Franken| Cincinnati Police Department

Age:     48
Served: 9½ years
February 18, 1908 to July 7, 1927



On July 4, 1927, John Rucker, while high on drugs, armed himself with a shotgun and an automatic pistol and was terrorizing the citizens on Kenyon Avenue.  He shot two men and frightened a woman to the point of heart failure and death.

Patrolmen Franken, of 1125 Olivia Lane, and Sherman Yarion, both assigned to District Four, responded to 729 Kenyon Avenue at 7:40 p.m. and tried to quiet him.  Rucker shot both officers.

Patrolman Franken was hit in the abdomen with shots from the pistol and in the hands with shots from the shotgun.  The officers were rushed to the Saint Mary’s Hospital and Rucker was arrested.


Patrolman Franken died three days later on July 7, 1927, at 7:45 a.m., from general peritonitis resulting from the gunshot wounds.

He was survived by his father, F. Theodore Franken, and buried July 11, 1927, in Saint Joseph (Old) Cemetery, Price Hill.



Rucker was convicted of Murder and, almost 1½ years later, electrocuted on November 30, 1928.


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