Detective Martin A. Sieber | Louisville and Nashville Railroad


Age:        62¾
Served:    18 years
About 1911 to October 11, 1929



Martin was born January 14, 1867 in Cincinnati, the third of eight children born to German immigrants Martin and Christina (Wampach) Sieber.  The senior Martin, a shoemaker and later stone mason, came to the United States from Württemberg in 1852 at the age of 23.  Within five years, he met and married Christina who came from Luxembourg as a child in 1840.

The junior Martin married Irish immigrant Bridget Kelly on September 14, 1902 in Newport and together they had two children.  Martin tried several jobs, including elevator operator, teamster, carpenter, and wagon driver.  During 1911, he settled into a career with the Lexington and Nashville (L&N) Railroad; first as a Watchman, then later as a Detective.

Bridget passed away June 27, 1927 at the age of 59.  Some time in the next couple of years, Martin married Marie S. Schnorbus and they and his two sons were living at 1702 Woodburn in Covington.

ns were living at 1702 Woodburn in Covington.



Late at night on October 10, 1929, in Latonia, Detective Sieber was working at a remarkably busy freight yard near the entrance of the Latonia Racetrack where the mainline between Louisville and Cincinnati ran between it and the racetrack.

In this location there were a number of hazards in the dark of night and Detective Sieber was accidentally struck by an L&N train.

He was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital.



Detective Sieber died the next day, October 11, 1929, of “shock and loss of blood.”

Detective Sieber was survived by his wife, Marie Sieber (62), and sons, Martin E. J. Sieber (24) and Phillip P. Sieber (23).  His brother, Father Joseph S. Sieber, celebrated a Requiem Mass at St. Augustine Church on October 14, 1929.  He was buried immediately thereafter at the Calvary Cemetery.


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