Constable Roy E. Carter| Miami Township (Clermont County) Police Department

Constable Roy E. Carter
Constable Roy E. Carter

Age: 38
Served: 2 years
September 8, 1964 to August 6, 1966


On August 6, 1966, Constable Carter of 1187 Catherine Drive, Milford, was employed by the General Electric Company and volunteered as a Constable for the Miami Township Police Department and as an officer for the East Milford Fire Department. He was directing traffic around a vehicle crash on Branch Hill Loveland Road when Stanley Lewis, 37, RR 4, Loveland, Ohio, drove through his stop signal.

Constable Carter pursued Lewis at high speeds and radioed Clermont County Sheriff Donald Watson for assistance. Lewis crashed after two miles and when Constable Carter caught up with him, a struggle ensued and Lewis punched Constable Carter several times in the chest.

When Clermont County Deputy Sheriff Robert Jones arrived, Lewis was handcuffed and the constable was struggling to breathe. Both were transported to Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Mariemont.

Constable Carter died of a heart attack within twenty minutes of arriving at the hospital.

Constable Carter was survived by his wife, Irene Carter; two daughters, Bonnie Carter (16) and Pamela Carter (13); his parents, James M. and Flossie Carter; and his siblings, Geneva McKeehan, Wilma Dovie, Elmer Carter, and Daniel Carter. Funeral services were held the following Wednesday, August 10, 1966 at the Monroe-Copher Funeral Home. .

Stanley Lewis was not charged, ostensibly because Constable Carter was the only witness.

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