Patrolman Addison Coleman Hutchison | Cincinnati Police Department



Age: 34
Served: 4½ years
January 25, 1889 to July 20, 1893



Addison was born in 1858 and grew up in Cason’s Precinct in Harrison County, Kentucky.  He worked on a farm when he was old enough.  After turning 21, he moved to Cincinnati and worked as a cattle shipper in the Camp Washington Stockyards.

During 1889, Addison joined the Cincinnati Police Department as a Substitute Patrolman.  Within a few weeks, he was promoted to regular Patrolman.

Patrolman Hutchison married a hometown girl, Louise Amelia “LuLu” Bauer, on December 6, 1892.  Within months, LuLu was pregnant, but Patrolman Hutchison would never see his offspring.



On July 10, 1893, Patrolmen Hutchison and Dwyer of the Fifth District raided a crap game of Moses Hutchins at Boone and Madison Avenues.  One of the players ran and Patrolman Hutchison gave chase.  During the pursuit, Patrolman Hutchison tripped, fell, and cut his knee to the bone.

Patrol 5 transported Patrolman Hutchison to the City Hospital about 11:30 p.m.  Dr. Castle cleaned out the four-inch laceration, sutured the wound, bandaged his knee, and released him.  Patrol 5 took him home at No. 62 David Street.

Severe swelling and pain set in by Tuesday, July 11 and he called for his personal physician, Dr. Schinkal.  Dr. Castle also looked in on him that afternoon.  On Wednesday, July 12, Dr. Bohlander responded.  At Dr. Bohlander’s request, on Monday, July 18, 1893, Dr. Ed Walker came and performed surgery to remove some pus and gangrene tissue.  It seemed Patrolman Hutchison was getting better.



By late night on July 19, Patrolman Hutchison relapsed.  At 2 a.m. on July 20, 1893, he passed away from blood poisoning.

Patrolman Hutchison was survived by his wife, Lula Hutchison, and brother, Lewis Alvin Hutchison.  On July 23, 1893, the 3rd Company of the Police Department assembled at the Oliver Street Police Station and proceeded to Officer Hutchison’s residence where the last rites were performed.  His remains were carried to the Grand Central Depot and shipped to his home in Cynthiana, Kentucky accompanied by his family and six pallbearers: Patrolmen Juengling, John Shafer, Bunker, Ringer, Berlekamp, and Lieutenant Rockwell.  Captain Luckering, Lieutenant Scahill, Sergeants Geist and Sergeant Hollowell, and Officers Schmidt and Haller also traveled with the entourage representing the Police Benevolent Association.  Almost the entire population of Cynthiana attended the funeral services at the Methodist Church and burial in Battle Grove Cemetery.



A few months later, after Mrs. Hutchison moved back to Cynthiana, Patrolman Hutchison’s daughter was born and Mrs. Hutchison named her Addison Anne Hutchison.  By 1910, they were running a boarding house in Cynthiana.  Addison Anne married James W. VanDeren and we believe both died without issue.


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© This officer was discovered as a line of duty death during 2012.  This narrative was revised June 29, 2017 by Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Stephen R. Kramer (Retired), Greater Cincinnati Police Museum Director.  All rights are reserved to him and the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum.