Police Officer Gary Thomas Tranor P-681

Gary was born April 13, 1943, to Howard C. and Helen M. (McFarland) Tranor. He attended Hughes High School, graduating in 1962, then the University of Cincinnati until 1965, majoring in Business Administration.

Immediately after high school, until January 1963, Gary worked as a stock boy at J. J. Newberry’s at West Sixth and Race Streets. He then drove a truck until November 1964 for Meinerding Distributing Company on Spring Grove. He worked as a Teletype Operator – Claims Adjuster for United Parcel Service for the next two years. He then took a job with Dieckbrader Express, Inc. as a Dispatcher until March 1967.

Gary joined the Cincinnati Police Division on March 12, 1967, in the 48th Recruit Class. On June 4, 1967, he was promoted to Patrolman, issued Badge 681, and assigned to District 3 (3201 Warsaw Avenue). Officer Tranor transferred September 17, 1972 to Communications Section (310 Lincoln Park Drive). Five years later, he transferred to the Program Management Bureau and worked in the Supply Room (314 Broadway). On April 29, 1984, Officer Tranor transferred to District 5 (1012 Ludlow Avenue). Little more than a year later, he transferred to the Impound Lot (1675 Gest Street). On June 21, 1987, Officer Tranor transferred to District 4 (4150 Reading Road). He transferred to the Personnel Section on April 16, 1989 in anticipation of retiring with a physical disability on May 18, 1989, with 22 years of service and 11 letters of appreciation and/or commendation.

Officer Tranor died in Bright, Indiana on November 24, 2023 at the age of 80.

We believe he is survived by a daughter, Tammy Jean Tranor.

We were not notified of any funeral services.


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