Laid to Rest – 2023



The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

“Preserving the History of Law Enforcement in the Greater Cincinnati Area”


Greater Cincinnati Law Enforcement Personnel Obituaries- 2023​​​​​​​


Date of DeathAgeNameAgency
December 2993Lieutenant Paul WilderSeveral - See obituaryObituary
December 2467Lieutenant James R. “Jimmy” ReesBellevue Police DepartmentObituary
December 1870David Bernard YeltonGreater Cincinnati Police Historical Society / MuseumObituary
December 1754Lieutenant Hinton Humphrey, Jr.Georgia Department of Corrections / Kenton County Sheriff's officeObituary
December 680Police Officer Robert F. SmithCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
November 2791Specialist Charles D. May, Sr.Cincinnati Police DivisionObituary
November2580Detective Sergeant Dennis Michael LantryHamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
November 2480Police Officer Gary Thomas TranoCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
November 2077Corrections Officer Michael Lee CroweCincinnati / Hamilton CountyObituary
November 1578Sergeant Paul Stephen “Steve” TimmerHamilton Police Departmentobituary
October 2789Sergeant Robert R. RyanCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
October 2696Lieutenant Robert Rollo Andriot, Sr.Cincinnati Police DivisionObituary
October 2072Sergeant Lowell Keith BowerMultiple - See obituaryObituary
October 1678Lieutenant Terry Lee WatsonMultiple - See obituaryObituary
October 1170Operator/Dispatcher Kathleen Meg (Lindeman) DoveCincinnati Police Divisionobituary
October 1172Police Officer Noretta Irene (Huff) Moxley-DavisMultiple - See obituaryObituary
October 879Detective Robert Louis "Bob" GattoNorwood Police DepartmentObituary
Septembermber 2268Captain Charles D. Profitt (Butler County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
September 22287Sergeant William H. Smith S-91Cincinnati Police DivisionObituary
September 2166Police Officer Robert HuberForest Park Police DepartmentObituary
September 1379Sergeant John Thomas HunklerWestchester township Police DepartmentObituary
September 1373Sergeant Jeffrey Michael NelsonHamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
September 1168Detective Gregory Charles KerbyButler County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
September 878Police Officer Edward William Fischer, Jr.Green Township Police DepartmentObituary
August 2469Police Officer Joseph J. WeberMount Saint Joseph Police Department / University Medical Center Security DepartmentObituary
August 1578Police Chief Douglas Eugene CulpMaysville Police DepartmentObituary
August 1578Sergeant Shirl E. LoomisNorwood Poluce DeoartmentObituary
August 887Clerk William Walter Roeller Hamilton County Sheriff's Officeobituary
August 555Police Officer Darrick A. JohnsonCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
August 472Police Chief Timothy Dale “Tim” GreenElsmere Police DepartmentObituary
July 2674Police Specialist Timothy S. SpurlockCincinnati Police Division
July 2554Detective Ritchy Meneses Tuazon II Springdale Police DepartmentObituary
July 2180Lieutenant Harold Lee Jones, Sr.Various - see obituaryObituary
July 1445Commissary Officer Kevin Neal Cook IIHamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
July 679Police Chief Paul Mansfield HuffmanSpringfield Township Police DepartmentObituary
June 2769Police Chief Michael Dean WylieVarious - See ObituaryObituary
June 2692Stenographer Rose Mary (Ruehl) DollCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
June 2669Detective Robert Allan Swisshelm, Jr.Hamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
June 2472Police Officer Daniel Perry BrunnCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
June 1885Sergeant Robert Francis “Rob” SiefkeMadeira Plice DepartmentObituary
June 1882Police Officer Norman Paul StewartCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
Found dead on June 1254Deputy Robert Anthony “Rob” DickerHamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
June 1174Assistant Chief Dennis William "Denny" Ohmer, Sr.Mt. Healthy Police DepartmentObituary
May 2790Corporal/Detective Henry Joseph Leroy “Hank” Schafer, Jr.Hamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
May 2636Corrections Officer Marcus L. ZeiglerHamilton CountySheriff's OfficeObituary
May 2344Deputy William Ray “Billy” BowlingButler County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
May 2280Canine Officer William Lawrence “Bill” Hollister (Middletown Police DepartmentObituary
May 1369Sergeant Samuel Gene CecilVarious (see obituary)Obituary
May 1383Sergeant James E. DayCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
April 2478Police Chief Kenneth Neal Yaden, JErlanger Police DepartmentObituary
April 2374Dispatcher Martha Patricia “Pat” LeeCincinnatiPolice Departmentobituary

April 23
46Corrections Sergeant Aaron Scott OberlanderCorrections Sergeant Aaron Scott OberlanderObituary
April 2280Police Officer Gordon M. KnechtCincinnatiPolice DepartmentObituary
APRIL 1481Police Specialist James Joseph CroninCincinnatiPolice DepartmentObituary
April 1374Police Officer Phliete Richard “Rick” NeumannCincinnatiPolice DepartmentObituary
April 961Administrative Technician Donna Marie BowlingCincinnatiPolice DepartmentObituary
April 259Corrections Officer 1 Timothy Pugh cObituary
March 3131Police Officer Timothy James Unwin IIISpringfield Township Police DepartmentObituary
March 3086Captain Clifford C. DyeOhio State HIGHWAY PATROL / BUTLER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICEObituary
March 2964Police Officer Mark E. SteeleSouth Lebanon Police DepartmentObituary
MARCH 2490POLICE CHIEF CARL V. GOODINCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
March 1854Corrections Officer John TempleHamilton Cou ty Sheriff's OfficeObituary
March 1775Sergeant Louis Michael “Mike” HopperCincinnati Police DivisionObiuary
March 1471Dispatcher Beverly WenHamilton County Communications CenterObituary
March 1381Sergeant Edward L. RowleyCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
March 992Sergeant Robert G. ThossCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
March 870Dispatcher Pamela Kay FranklinCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
March 353Police Chief Robert FisherSharonville Police Depart, Hilliard Police DepartmentObituary
February 1130Police Officer Olivia Joan ZickCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
February 1091Specialist Ernest L. “Pete” ThompsonCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
February 892Specialist Edgar H. Ledwin, Jr.Cincinnati Police DivisionObituary
February 783Sergeant Clarence Ray Satterfield, Sr.Cincinnati Police DivisionObituary
February 1788Police Officer Albert Earl Brown, Sr.Cincinnati Police DivisionObituary
January 3064Police Officer Ricky BellSouth Lebanon Police DepartmentObituary
January 2369Dispatcher Bernard Joseph “Bernie” WoebkenbergCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
January 2065Lieutenant Randy L. Webb Cincinnati Police DivisionObituary
January 1696Lieutenant Henry Kenneth ParrisCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
January 9.85Specialist Kenneth Clark HergertCincinnati Police DivisionObituary