Laid to Rest – 2022


The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

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Greater Cincinnati Law Enforcement Personnel Obituaries- 2022​​​​​​​


 Date of DeathAgeNameAgency 
June 28, 202283Captain Robert Anthony OttoVarious - See obituaryObituary
June 22, 202283Lieutenant Perry “Pete” L. Suddeth Amberly Village Police and Fire DepartmentObituary
June 14, 202250Police Officer Martin Daniel “Marty” StrongForest Park Police DepartmentObituary
June 14, 202279Curtis George HerkertCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
June 13, 202274Sergeant Thomas BaldockCheviot Police DepartmentObituary
May 26, 202271Deputy Gene Lynn WohlfeiHamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
May 22, 202268Police Officer Isaac “Ike” Roberson, Jr. PCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
May 11, 202281Deputy Richard Matthew Thieman Hamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
May 11, 202275Police Officer Edward V. "Woody" WoodyardCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
April 27, 202269Police Officer Gary T. WesterbeckCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
April 21, 202279Specialist Herbert W. KohusCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
April 17, 202259Sergeant James T. WaitesCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
April 15, 202271Lieutenant Stephen John WilgerCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
April 9, 202294Specialist Carl Richard WolframCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
April 6, 202285Police Chief Ronald “Ronnie” L. BisingVilla Hills Police DepartmentObituary
April 3, 202282Police Officer Jerome Edward BurkCincinnati Police DivisionObituary
March 26, 202287Lieutenant Milton Bernard “Bernie” Dills Cincinnati Police DivisionObituary
March 16, 202272Lieutenant Mark Dwight MathewsLoveland Police Department / Milford Police DepartmentObituary
March 14, 202265Police Chief William Dee RennerSee ObituaryObituary
March 12, 202263Deputy Michael Wayne Jourdan Hamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
March 8, 202283Specialist Charles Allen BrayHamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
March 7, 202272Police Specialist Donald Goodgames Cincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
March 7, 202254Deputy Fred Martin Habermehl IV Butler County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
March 7, 202272Specialist Charles “Chuck” Zimmerman Cincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
February 28, 202276Police Officer Robert H. Bruns SSee obituaryObituary
February 23, 202270Deputy William Edward MooreButler County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
75Police Officer Robert OberdingCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
February 14, 202293Corporal Edward Santo Taylor, Jr.Cheviot Police Department / Forest Park Police Department / Hamilton County Sheriff's OfficesObituary
February 14, 202260Corrections Officer Richard Allen SpradlinHamilton County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
February 12, 202285Patrolman Ronald E. Couch Hamilton Police DepartmentObituary
February 5, 202261Sergeant Mark Gerard ZiegelmeyerMiami Township Police DepartmentObituary
February 1, 202265Corporal Michael Raymond BrockmanButler County Sheriff’s OfficeObituary
January 25, 202254Sergeant William “Hank” Ward Cincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
January 25, 202279Police Officer William R. EdwardsCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
January 24, 202285Sheriff Ray Ashley PendellAdams County Sheriff's Office, West Union Police Department, Norwood Police DepartmentObituary
January 22, 202292aptain Paul Edward TwillingCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
January 17, 202251Detective Richard Voris UsherSharonville Police DepartmentObituary
January 17, 202253Police Officer Thomas Edward HaasCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary
January 15, 202279Police Officer Carl Joseph Draginoff, Sr. St. Bernard Police DepartmentObituary
January 11, 202254Deputy Jim KirkerClermont County Sheriff's OfficeObituary
January 8, 202266Park Ranger Sergeant Lloyd Glen Smyth, Jr. Hamilton County Park RangersObituary
January 2, 202274Police Officer Joseph Earl StilesCincinnati Police DepartmentObituary