Home Guard



At the start of the First World War Cincinnati found itself in an unusual position. Being a river town the Ohio National Guard was used during natural disasters such as floods and during the winter ice dams on the Ohio river. This became a problem when the National Guard was called to active duty. There arose another problem, young police officers and fire fighters were drafted limiting the effectiveness of each. The Chamber of Commerce recognized this problem, and not feeling safe petitioned city council for an all-volunteer organization to fill the gap, that was the start of the Home Guard.

Norwood and Saint Bernard recognized the need for this organization, each being basically cities within a city they asked if each could form companies and join Cincinnati in this effort. In the spirit of Junta Juvant they joined which made the Home Guard more effective.

The Guard drilled once a month, much like the army reserves do now, they served among other things flood duty, a police strike and a fire strike and were very effective. The war ended and the Guard and police and fire officers returned, since the reason for their existence no longer  existed the Home Guard was disbanded within several  years.