Hamilton County Sheriffs



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Sheriffs of Hamilton County

NameYr to YrTotal Yrs
Brown, John1790to17923
Ludlow, John1793to17942
Symmes, Daniel1795to17962
Smith, James1797to18048
McFarland, William1805to18062
Goforth, Aaron1806to18105
Jenkinson, Joseph1811to18122
Wallace, John S.1813to18142
Hosbrook, David1816to18161
Ruffin, William1817to18171
Ayers, Stephen1818to18225
Ruffin, William1823to18253
Avery, John C.1829to18291
Hulse, Ebenezer1831to18344
Fostick, Samuel1836to18383
Avery, John C.1839to18424
Garrard, John H.1843to18464
Weaver, Thomas S.1847to18482
Cooper, Joseph1849to18502
Smith, Charles W.1851to18522
Higdon, Benjamin1853to18542
Brashears, Gassaway1855to18562
Mathers, Richard1857to18582
Kessler, Henry1859to18602
Armstrong, John B.1861to18622
Long, William1863to18642
Calvin, Richard1865to18662
Schlotman, Henry S.1867to18682
Weber, Daniel1869to18702
Heart, Joseph E.1871to18722
Ziegler, George W.1873to18742
Springmeier, Ferdinand1875to18762
Wallace, William P.1877to18782
Weber, George1879to18802
Bailey, Samuel, Jr.1881to18822
Hawkins, Morton L.1883to18842
Beresford, Samuel M., Jr.1885to18862
Schott, Leo1887to18904
Heim, Valentine H.1891to18922
Archibald, Robert M.1893to18975
Reichel, Chris1898to18981
Taylor, Thomas A.1899to19024
Jones, Salmon1903to19064
Hamann, Henry W.1907to19104
Cooper, Charles1911to19144
Schott, George F.1915to19184
Bader, Ferd1919to19224
Witt, Richard B.1923to19264
Anderson, William1927to19304
Butterfield, Asa V.1931to19344
Lutz, George A., Sr.1935to19362
Lutz, George A., Jr.1937to19382
Sperber, Fred1939to19424
Handman, C. Taylor1943to19486
Tehan, Dan P.1949to197224
Fricker, Paul J.1973to19764
Stokes, Lincoln J.1977to198711
Leis, Simon L., Jr.1987to201226
Neil, James2013to20208
McGuffey, Charmaine 2021topresent