Age:     3
Served: 1¾ years
January 3, 2022, to November 11, 2023



Fury was born January 2, 2020 in the Czech Republic and purchased by Southern Ohio Police K-9 in April 2021. He began service with Franklin on January 3, 2022, one day following his second birthday, after completing his training with his handler, Officer Alex Butler, in late 2021. They were certified in apprehension, tracking, and drug detection.

During his short career, Fury logged 109 vehicle searches, 22 tracks, 27 warrant assists, seven building searches, 16 school sniffs, 13 article searches, one area search, and numerous demonstrations. He participated in the discovery and seizure of 20½ grams of heroin, over 22 pounds of cocaine, three pounds of marijuana, almost 225 grams of methamphetamines, and 27 THC vape cartridges. He was also credited with 24 apprehensions without once having to bite the suspect.



Michael Thomas Sims, 21, of Nicholasville, Kentucky, has no adult criminal history that we could find.



Officer Butler was driving a patrol car southwest on South River Street near West Seventh Street during the late morning of November 11, 2023. Inside the car were Police Officer Eric Miller and Fury. Sims was driving a 2015 Jeep Patriot and at 10:40 a.m., going about 70 miles per hour the wrong way on South River Street attempted to ram the patrol car. Butler tried to evade the collision, but the Jeep struck the cruiser in the right rear. It then careened off the cruiser and into a tree before coming to a rest near Franklin Church.

No further details will be added until after Sims’ conviction.

Both officers, Fury, and Sims were injured in the crash. Fury and Officer Butler were transported to MedVet. Officer Butler would not leave Fury. He was later transported to Kettering Health Franklin.

Officer Miller was also transported to Kettering Health Franklin and Sims to the Atrium Hospital. The officers and Sims were treated and soon released.



Fury succumbed to his injuries at 11:37 a.m. and his remains were cremated.

On November 16, 2023, a memorial service was held with full police honors at the New Vine Community Church, 4900 Ohio 123, officiated by Pastor Chuck Wolfinbarger, chaplain for the Franklin Fire and EMS Department. The Warrant County Sheriff’s Honor Guard and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Pipe and Drum Corps did the honors. The ceremony was attended by a hundred officers and canine partners from southwest Ohio, including one of Fury’s offspring and Greenfield Police Canine, Nitro.

A procession left the church on Ohio 123 to downtown Franklin via Main Street, East Fourth Street (past all the students standing outside Franklin High School), and Lower Springboro Road.



When he was released from the hospital, Sims was incarcerated in the Warren County Jail pending court action on three felony charges and under a $600,000 bond. During a video arraignment with Judge Donald Rupert on November 14, 2023, he pleaded not guilty, and Judge Rupert increased the bond to $750,000 and scheduled the preliminary hearing for November 21st.

Sims waived the preliminary hearing and was bound over to the Warren County Grand Jury.

On December 12, 1023, the Warren County Grand Jury announced indictments of Sims for two counts of Attempted Aggravated Murder (each with police officer specifications), two counts of Felonious Assault (also with police officer specifications), Assaulting a Police Dog or Horse, and Vandalism (all felonies).

On December 13th, he was arraigned in the Warrant County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 and pleaded not guilty.

Since then, justice has been anything but speedy. Sims is being defended by Attorney Andrea G. Ostrowski and prosecuted by Attorney Travis Vieux before Judge Donald E. Oda II. On January 8, 2024, a Pretrial Hearing was held which included a scheduling conference. Another pretrial hearing was held on January 11th. Then, on February 15, 2024 a hearing was held regarding a not guilty by reason of insanity plea. And a second hearing was held on that matter on March 25th.

The court scheduled a conference on May 20, 2024 and a jury trial beginning June 10, 2024, expected to last three days.


© This narrative was researched and created April 25, 2024 by Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Stephen R. Kramer (Retired), Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society President. All rights are reserved to him and the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum.