1. Cannabis
    A.  Effects
    1.  Reduced short memory and comprehension
    2.  Altered sense of time
    3.  Damage to lungs and pulmonary system
    4.  More cancer agents than tobacco
  2. Type
    1.   Marijuana, Pot, Grass, Weed, Reefer, Dope, MaryJane Acapulco Gold etc.
    2.  Tetrahydro-Cannabinol (THC)
    a.  soft jell capsules
    (1)  Taken orally or smoked
    3.  Hashish (Hash)
    a.  Brown or Black cakes or balls
    (1) Eaten or smoked
    Hashish Oil
    a.  Oil
    (1) Smoked (Mixed with tobacco)
  3. Inhalants
  4. Effects
    Decreases the heart and respiratory rates
    2.  Long term use may result in hepatitis or brain hemorrhage
    3.  Can cause suffocation
    4.  Over time sniffing can permanently damage the nervous system
  5. Type
    Nitrous Oxide
    2.  Butyl Nitrate
    3.  Hydrocarbons
  • Stimulants-Cocaine
  1. Effects
    Stimulates the central nervous system
    2.  Elevated Blood Pressure and heart rate
    3.  Freebasing can cause death
    4.  Crack or Freebasing is very additive
  2. Type
    (a) inhaled, injected or smoked
    2.  Crack Cocaine
    (b) Smoked



  1. Other Stimulants
    2.  Methamphetamines
    (a) Both increase heart rate
    (b) Heart Failure
    (c) Hallucinations
    (d) Delusions
    (e) Paranoia
  2. Depressants
    (a) Similar to the effects of alcohol, calmness and relaxed mussels
    (b) Large Dosages
    (1) Coma or death
    2.  Type
    (a) Barbiturates
    (b) Methaqualone
    (c) Tranquilizers
  3. Hallucinogens
    (a) Interrupts functions of the brain that controls the intellect
    (b) Violent episodes may occur
    (c) Heart and lung failure
    2.  Type
    (a) Phencyclidine
    (b) Lysergic Acid Diethylamide