Police Officer Thomas Anthony Noonan| Highland Heights Police Department

Police Officer Thomas Anthony Noonan
Police Officer Thomas Anthony Noonan

Age: 29
Served: 4 Years
Newport Police Department 1984 to 1986, Highland Heights to September 10, 1988

On September 10, 1988 Patrolman Noonan was finishing up an investigation into an attempted rape when an alarm was broadcast regarding a hold up at the Boron Service Station in Highland Heights. He responded at a high rate of speed and, at the top of a hill on Johns Hill Road, his car went airborne, struck a pole, and overturned. Patrolman Noonan was thrown from the car and suffered severe head trauma. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Luke Hospital in Fort Thomas. The holdup was a false alarm.

Patrolman Noonan is buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky. Newport Patrolman Steve Foster served as one of his pallbearers.

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