Police Officer Anthony E. Jansen | Newport Police Department

Police Officer Anthony E. Jansen
Police Officer Anthony E. Jansen

Badge: 24
Age: 25
Served: 1 year 9 mos
March 28, 1983 to December 30, 1984


On December 30, 1984 Officers Jansen, Greg Cooper, and Barry Nicholson responded to an anonymous report of a man waving a firearm in the 700 block of York Street. Officer Jansen was in the lead as the three rounded the corner of a house at 722 York Street. About 1:15 a.m.. He looked through a side window of the house near the front and stated, “There is a man with a gun.” Immediately after, gunfire erupted, and Officer Jansen was shot twice in the back, with one bullet ricocheting off a rib, through a lung, and into his spine.

The Newport Life Squad took Officer Jansen to St. Luke Hospital, though there were no vital signs at the scene. He was pronounced dead at 2:20 a.m.

Officer Jansen left a wife, Karen Jansen, and two children, Melissa Jansen (2) and Anthony Jansen, Jr. (6 mos). Officer Jansen’s two brothers were also police officers; Michael Jansen (23) with the Newport Police Department (now Campbell County Sheriff) and Ken Jansen (26) with the Boone County Police Department.

At first it was thought that the man with the gun, Ricky D. McIntosh, shot Officer Jansen through a window. It was later determined that he was accidentally shot by another officer.

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This narrative was revised on December 27, 2010 by Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Stephen R. Kramer, Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society President. All rights are reserved to him and the Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society.