Patrolman Thomas E. Dameron| Cincinnati Police Department

Dameron PAGEAge: 29
Served: 2½ years
June 9, 1924 to December 17, 1926


On August 1, 1926, a gang of men disarmed and wounded a Cincinnati patrolman at 3rd and Smith Streets. One of the gang, Gus Saunders, ran into a structure there. Patrolman Dameron, a World War I veteran of 224 Baum Street, chased Saunders into the building. Once inside, Saunders fired on Patrolman Dameron and Dameron returned fire. During the exchange, both men were hit. Patrolman Dameron, shot in the abdomen, was rushed to Cincinnati General Hospital.

After suffering through 4½ months of tremendous pain, Patrolman Dameron finally succumbed to septic peritonitis on December 17, 19

Patrolman Thomas E. Dameron's grave3 site
Patrolman Thomas E. Dameron’s grave3 site


Patrolman Dameron was survived by his mother, Vernie Dameron. He was buried next to his father on December 18, 1926, in Catlettsburg Cemetery, Catlettsburg, Kentucky. His mother lived another 26 years without her husband or son and was buried next to them in 1952.

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