Patrolman Frank Seip | Cincinnati Police Department

Age: 26
Served: 19 months
May 24, 1886 to December 2, 1887.


Frank Seip lived with his father, a Prussian immigrant and physician, and his youngest sister at 106 Pleasant Street. Though a typesetter since he was a teenager, he joined the Cincinnati Police Department in 1886.

Later in the year, on July 4, 1886 Patrolman Seip participated in the arrest of a drunk and disorderly man. The prisoner fiercely resisted and during the scuffle bit Patrolman Seip’s thumb, severely lacerating it. Patrolman Seip bandaged it until it healed, but was eventually overtaken by a raging fever and diagnose with septicemia (blood-poisoning). For some time he lingered in critical condition. He eventually recovered sufficiently to take on his duties with Patrol Squad No. 3.

The poison was still in him as evidenced by large blotches covering his face and hands. During mid-November 1887, the poison overtook Patrolman Seip again. He took to his bed, treated by his father, and would not overcome the poison again. He died at noon on December 2, 1887.
Patrolman Seip was survived by his father, Dr. Emil Seip (57), and two or three siblings, including Charles Seip (29) and Bertha Seip (16). He was buried in Walnut Hills Cemetery.

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This narrative was researched and revised November 18, 2012 by Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Stephen R. Kramer (Retired), Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society President. All rights are reserved to him and the Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society.