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Police Officer James Lee “Skip” Dunlap

Skip was born October 31, 1950 in Cincinnati.  He attended Robert A. Taft High School and graduated during 1969.  He also attended Central State University from 1969 to 1971.

On March 4, 1971, during the Vietnam War, Skip joined the United States Army.  He was assigned to the Military Police and his posts included Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, Fort Gordon in Georgia, and Fort Still in Oklahoma.  Sergeant Dunlap was honorably discharged on March 2, 1973 and remained in the United States Army Reserves.

Skip then went to work as a 2nd Class Operator at Hilton Davis Chemicals on Langdon Farm Road.  He then took a position with the United States Post Office during 1973 working as a mail handler.

Skip joined the Cincinnati Police Division as a Police Recruit on September 22, 1974.  He was promoted to Police Officer on February 2, 1975, issued Badge 697, and assigned to District 1 (310 Lincoln Park Drive).  One year later Officer Dunlap was rotated to District 5 (1012 Ludlow Avenue).  On December 5, 1976, due to financial issues at City Hall, he and 123 other Police Officers were laid off.

More than fourteen months later, he was recalled from layoff and reassigned to District 1.  On April 24, 1983, a fire hydrant exploded on Armory Avenue, and the resulting sudden flood knocked down and nearly drowned a 14-year-old boy.  Officer Dunlap was close by, ran to the scene, and performed CPR on the boy, saving his life.  On December 31, 1989, Officer Dunlap transferred to District 4 (4150 Reading Road).  On June 1, 1997, he transferred to the Telephone Crime Reporting Unit.  Ten months later, he returned to District 5.  Even in his later years, he was encouraged by his supervisors to be a field training officer and sought out by his co-workers for his knowledge and experience.  Officer Dunlap retired March 17, 2002 with 39 letters of appreciation and/or commendation; including four from Cincinnati Police Chiefs and one each from a Laurel Homes Community Council President, Cincinnati Public Schools Security Director, Cincinnati Fire Chief, and Lincoln Heights Police Chief.

Officer Dunlap went on to serve his community as one of the finest Community Relations Monitors in an experimental program conducted by the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission.

During 2006, he joined the security force protecting Environmental Protection Agency buildings in and around Cincinnati.  He finally retired during 2016 having spent almost his entire adult life serving our country, government, and community.

Officer Dunlap made his home in Forest Park.  His estranged daughter, Liscia D. Willis, has a long history of civil actions regarding torts, evictions, and foreclosures and other fiscal responsibility problems.  On Friday, December 20, 2019, in order to take his home for herself, she entered his house and stabbed Officer Dunlap to death.  She then moved in her belongings.  Police were summoned for a ‘welfare check’ and found his remains in the basement.    Willis was charged with Aggravated Murder and is currently being held in the Hamilton County Justice Center under a $1 Million bond.

Visitation will be held 9 to 10 a.m. on Monday, January 6, 2020 at the Quinn Chapel AME Church at 10998 Southland Road in Forest Park.  A memorial service will begin at 10 a.m.  A FOP service will be held at 10:15 a.m.  Internment will follow at the Crown Hill Memorial Park at 11825 Pippin Road in Pleasant Run.


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20 thoughts on “Police Officer James Lee “Skip” Dunlap P-697 (1950-2019)

  1. I often wondered where Skip went not realizing he had retired. What a lost! Rest in Paradise Skip! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Skippy..
    My dear friend, thank you for making the lives of those whom you touched better because you lived..

    Heaven now holds what this world couldn’t…


  3. OMG, condolences to the family!.rest in peace from DETROIT WITH LUV ❤️ Charles &Ladora summers,OMG

  4. I grew up in the Lincoln courts Skip always was an example for me and the others in the community you never would know he was a Police officer by the way he carried himself he was always solf spoken a. carried himself in a positive manner There were very few positive role models you would see at that time because of Skip I and others that were once kids a. teenagers now Adults carry ourselves in a positive manner and try to be positive role models at this time which is badly needed just as how he carried himself at that time when it was badly needed He will truly be missed

  5. The talks that Skip had with a lot of youth in Laurel Park on Lincoln Park Dr were educational and fun. He got his point across without intimidation. Rest on my brother..he will be missed

  6. Skip was a great friend to me. You will be missed my friend you was a special person to all of us from Taft High school
    may we see you again in the new order of life may God keep you in his fold until then.

    Lavieena Campbell

  7. Skip was a genuinely good man with a big heart cause he care about people. I will most definitely miss my friend, my co-worker, my big brother. I always felt and believed that he had my back and was always offering words of encourgagement and was very supportive. He was a good listner and very easy to talk to about anything. My Skip-a -Roo you will be missed by many…. Rest in paradise

  8. Skip, you were such a beautiful person and never treated people in different because you were a cop. Yet, you did your job so well that many respected you and your position. You will be greatly missed Skip. My prayers are to your entire family, Lillie (Penny) Conners.

  9. RIP Skip I am really going to miss your smiling face walking your Yorkie in the neighborhood.

  10. Wow I was in shock to see this on TV ,smh all I can say he was a very good person who cared for others rest up behind those golden gates you was a faithful servant.You will be miss by those that had the opportunity of meeting you. Deloris Hill-Campbell

  11. I just found out about his death and I am still in shock. Skipper was the best of the best of men. He would always make time for his friends, and has spent many hours in hospital waiting comforting sick/injured and their families. He was an exceptional role model in what it means to be a man, a father, a police officer…You could always count on an absolutely beautiful smile from him, and if lucky, one of his wonderful hugs. You will be very sorely missed Skipper…the world has lost an exceptional human being. Love always, Ms. Fish!

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