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Patrolman Charles W. Lind
Patrolman Charles W. Lind

Age: 57
Served: 22 years
1886 to July 5, 1908


Patrolman Lind, of 2014 Torrence Avenue, was assigned as Acting Corporal to desk duties at the Sixth District police station on Eastern Avenue on July 5, 1908. Just before Midnight, he advised Sergeant Lockhardt that he was going to get a breath of fresh air. In front of the district station, while he was looking at his watch and apparently unaware of any danger, an eastbound streetcar struck him and dragged him for fifty feet, crushing him and fracturing his skull and neck. Patrol 6 took Patrolman Lind to the morgue. After an investigation, Police charged Motorman Smith with Manslaughter, as was the custom of the day. The incident was later ruled an accident.

Patrolman Lind left a wife, Mary A., son, Richard, and another child. His funeral was held July 8, 1908, 10 a.m., at the chapel at the German Protestant Cemetery (now Walnut Hills Cemetery).

Six years earlier, Stationhouse Keeper Henry Deering was struck and killed by a streetcar at the same location.

This narrative was revised on July 4, 2010 by retired Cincinnati Lieutenant Stephen R. Kramer based on research provided by Kelly J. Huston, Patrolman Henry Deering’s great, great, granddaughter. All rights are reserved to them and to the Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society. If you have further information, artifacts, archives, or images of this officer, please contact the Museum Director at