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Guard Herman Brown | Cincinnati Workhouse - Greater Cincinnati Police Museum Guard Herman Brown | Cincinnati Workhouse - Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

Guard Herman Brown | Cincinnati Workhouse

Age:     48
Served: About 5 years
1928 to October 4, 1933



Herman was born about 1885 in Ohio to German immigrants Joseph and Emma (Korb) Brown.

We know little of his history.  During 1910, Joseph had apparently died, and Herman was living with his mother and brother and working as an elevator operator.  During 1927, he was still working on an elevator.

During April 1927, 49 men competed for the position of Workhouse Guard.  Herman finished 7th among the 25 who passed, and he was appointed.

By Fall 1933, Guard Brown was living in the Palace Hotel at 6th and Vine Streets.



Guard Brown was sick on October 3, 1933, according to Workhouse Lieutenant Kyle.  From all indications he had a bilious attack and said he had vomited.  When asked on the morning of the 4th how he felt, he replied that he was much better and should be able to work.

While on patrol atop a 25’ wall at the southeast corner of the Workhouse on October 4, 1933, Guard Brown fell to the ground from a platform surrounding the guardhouse.  Later in the shift, other guards found him on the ground.  Cincinnati Police Patrol 9 transported him to Cincinnati General Hospital at 7:20 a.m.



Guard Brown died at 12:35 p.m.  He was buried in the Clifton United Jewish Cemetery at 7201 Old Ludlow Avenue.



The superintendent of the Workhouse tried to find a witness among the employees and inmates to no avail.

The Coroner, M. Scott Kearnes, M.D. ruled the death as an accidental fall and cause as a skull fracture.


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© The fact of Guard Brown’s line of duty death was rediscovered by the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum during May 2016.  His death was researched by several and his narrative was written by Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Stephen R. Kramer (Retired), Greater Cincinnati Police Museum Executive Director.  All rights are reserved to them and the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum.