Parole Denied!


The recent decision to deny parole for convicted  killers of Police Officer Charles d.. Burdsall has brought a sense of relief and satisfaction to the law enforcement community and the families of the victims. The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum expresses its profound gratitude to everyone who lent their support by contacting the parole board to vehemently oppose the release of these dangerous criminals.

It is important to recognize that the denial of parole is a crucial step towards upholding justice and ensuring that those who perpetrate violent crimes against law enforcement personnel are held accountable for their actions. Bell and Reed’s actions not only led to the tragic loss of life but also had long-lasting effects on the emotional and mental wellbeing of their colleagues and loved ones.

By denying parole, the criminal justice system has sent a clear message that such reprehensible acts will not be tolerated, and the perpetrators will face the full consequences of their actions. We must continue to stand united in our efforts to protect our society from such criminals and ensure that our law enforcement personnel are respected and held in high regard.

Let this be a reminder that justice has been served, and Bell and Reed’s status as two thugs who committed heinous crimes against our brave police officers cannot be forgotten or taken lightly.