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Police Officer Charles Burdsall

Cincinnati Ohio Police Officer Charles Burdsall was brutally shot and killed after pulling over a vehicle that was involved in a suspected robbery. A teen-aged citizen observer riding along with Officer Burdsall was also shot and his wounds were not fatal. Officer Burdsall’s assailants, Wayne Reed and Russell Bell, were sentenced to death for their crimes. A Supreme Court decision in 1978 took them both off death row and made them eligible for parole.

Wayne Reed (Prison No. A153741)
Russell Bell (Prison No. A154142)

Cop Killers Wayne Reed (Prison No. A153741) and Russell Bell (Prison No. A154142), though originally sentenced to death, have a parole hearing MAY 30, 2019. Please contact the Ohio Adult Parole Authority at Ohio Parole Board, 4545 Fisher Road, Suite D, Columbus, Ohio 43228 or go to to object to their release.

Officer Burdsall, who was still alive, was mortally wounded. Mellon, shot once in the back, ran from the passenger side of the police cruiser, grabbed Officer Burdsall’s revolver, and shot at the suspects as the car pulled away. He then picked up Officer Burdsall’s radio and called for help, but had trouble recalling the Car Number. Officer Burdsall said, “508 – 508” – his last words.




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