Deputy Samuel Eugene Rouvier | Clermont County Sheriff’s Office


Deputy Samuel E. Rouvier
Deputy Samuel E. Rouvier

Age: 30
Served: 1½ years
January 4, 1965 to May 21, 1966


Deputy Rouvier, of 10 Woodruff Lane, Amelia, and Clermont County Prosecutor Robert Jones, on the evening of April 28, 1966, were conducting an investigation into the murder of a Fish & Game Warden. Deputy Rouvier had a lead on a possible suspect and they were headed toward the suspect’s location.

They were in Deputy Rouvier’s convertible on the south end of State Route 132 when a horse that had gotten free ran in front of his car. As the car struck the horse, the horse rolled over the hood and windshield and into the passenger compartment. Both men were injured. Deputy Rouvier’s injuries included lacerations of the brain and intracranial fractures of the skull. He was transported to Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Mariemont.

Deputy Rouvier died 23 days later on May 21, 1966, at 6:30 a.m., without ever having regained consciousness.

Deputy Rouvier was survived by his wife, Sherry Ann, and children Samuel E. II and Rochelle Renee. On May 25, 1966, he was buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Amelia.

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